Wednesday, October 05, 2005

List of Offensive Words That Should be Avoided

PC. Since 1991..
--- from September & October 1991 issues ofCampus Report from Accuracy in Academia.
(Look at the list, I can see why people would want to slap the stink out of another person for using some of the terms below…. But tell me, aren’t there a few there, that you think are okay? I was surprised to find out just how non-PC I truly am.. you may be too!)
List of Offensive Words That Should be Avoided

Go to this site.. I am fearful that reproducing this list here will get my account suspended.. you will not believe some of the terms academia wants not to see in your writings!
(I think we've taken P.C. a bit far on this one!)

By the way... I did not see "pecker-wood" on the list, and as a person who has been referred to as "Pecker-wood" I wish to complain!
I think I speak for pecker-woods everywhere when I say, that your purposeful omission of the term "pecker-wood" in this list constitutes proof of your prejudice towards white males and your approval of the term "pecker-wood" as it is derogatorily used towards some Caucasian males.

Where is the number to the A.C.L.U.? "cause someone needs to pay!

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