Monday, October 03, 2005

Smoker the new "N" word !?!?

Both from the CDC..
Deaths from Smoking:
“In 1990, smoking accounted for more than 400,000 deaths nationwide”

deaths from obesity:

“An estimated 400,000 adult deaths each year in the U.S. are associated with obesity.”

Total costs (medical costs and days lost from work because of illness, disability or premature death) from obesity in 2000 were estimated to be $117 billion.

You have to figure that the costs of smoking were similar using the same guidelines.

So let me ask you this.. why is it that the States and Feds are taxing me so high for my cigarettes?
And NOT taxing me for my less than stellar BMI (body Mass Index)

Could it be that smokers now are a measly 10% of the population while nearly 66% of the U.S. population are overweight or grossly obese? And if they tried to unfairly tax a majority like that their terms would be ever so short??

So I as a smoker am a minority, and as a minority have to pay big bucks? Why not pass a tax for being Black? there are a number of categories where it seems like being Black causes higher death rates?
or Hispanic

I am getting damn tired of being treated like a second hand citizen because I smoke.. I can read! The WHO released a huge study showing that second hand smoke was not as bad as the non-smoking majority would have you believe.. and the WHO is not know for it’s hard core stand on social liberty!

How about a tax on homosexuals.. they get aids? How about hemophiliacs.. they get disease and looking at the statistics from the CDC there are a lot of minorities that die and cost more percap than smokers.

I would think that the government would want people to smoke.. we do die younger, but usually only a few years below the national average.. this would make Social Security much more solvent if everyone smoked.. lets face facts, we all get sick and die.. it is just a matter of doing it a little early in the case of smokers.. the death rate amongst humans is still the same.. 100%. That’s right.. everyone alive today will die. Most will get sick and require healthcare before they do finally kick off.. pay me now or pay me later.. it’s all the same.. and with healthcare costs outpacing inflation, the longer you live the more actual dollars you will cost the system.. shit using their own logic, smokers should get a tax break!

Remember first they came for me, a smoker.. you were not a smoker so you said nothing, but when the smoker money was all gone, they came for the fat people.. you were not fat so you said nothing. then they came for you.. and there was nobody left to say anything for you…

See you in the camps..


Anonymous said...

dude, you are talking some stupid shit in this post.

Anonymous said...

Just here to make you think.. sorry that is impossible for you.. maybe you should try some of the bad poetry posts.. they may be more your speed.