Thursday, October 06, 2005

New York on Heightened Alert! Subway Bombers! (I smell fertilizer!),2933,171491,00.html

Is it just me or is this another well timed Alert? Bush makes a speech about terror, and low and behold.. Threat alert RED!!!!!

Smacks of the Democratic National Convention??
Okay it could be a coincidence.. But to me it looks like bad theater.
Has America gotten so mentally sluggish that this Lifetime Television Drama playing out in front of our eyes, seems like reality?
To me it is just as predictable as the movies my wife asks me to suffer through with her.. On "that" channel.

I will admit it is an interesting way to divert attention from the Meirs nomination.. That seemed to really piss your base off didn't it, George?

What's next you spend another Trillion dollars and ask everyone to look out for werewolves, in turbans? Or maybe insist that we go into quarantine due to Bird Flu?
(It would be funny if it we not so damn scary and possibly true...!)

I sure hope you know what you're doing.. 'cause from here you look a little like a monkey F'ing a football.

I think we're screwed Toto.

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