Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Political ranting and raving..

How do I get some Federal Aid? Or I Wan’ my Mapo!

Okay, since the Hurricanes, I am paying more for Gasoline, they tell me that my heating bill may double this year, I am suffering shortages in my primary raw product at work, I cannot get product into some areas, and my cost of producing product, due to shortages is going to increase significantly.. so I will raise my price, I will sell less, and at the end of it all I will have a lesser P&L statement all because of two storms!

I am nearly 1500 miles away from where Katrina and Rita made landfall.. but hey as long as the Feds are dishing out welfare to hurricane victims, I want to know what line to get into.

We have about 300,000,000 citizens they plan to spend something like 300 Billion in aid.. why not just write a check to ever man woman and child in the US. For $1000 and let the rest fall where it may?

Yep.. I can see your thinking now.. we have 300 million people.. lets say that they all pay taxes.. (yea sure they do…) so all of us will owe an extra $1000 for two hurricanes… just in taxes.. that does not take into account the higher cost of goods and services that are accompanying this disaster..

We could go on a take a look at what our debit will be for GW’s war in Iraq.. but I don’t want to depress you too much…

JESUS GEORGE! Let go of my wallet!

I am a conservative, a fiscal conservative.. socially you could call me a libertarian.. I believe in effective government that is as small as humanly possible, a government that plays by the rules and knows how to make and follow a budget.. that understands that they are not my master, but my servant.. I do not see that in our current government, I do not see it anytime soon with our current system, which more and more looks like a big-fat good-old-boys network.. so what am I to do.. go to Canada? Hell no! I love America, I just wish the politicians did too.

Let’s suggest that wasting public (federal) funds is an act of treason and should be punished as such.. I bet you would see a whole lot of good old boys ducking and running for cover!

Someone asked me today, who I though would win the next presidential election.. my answer was, the one with the strongest ties to "Skull and Bones".. sad but true..

I do not buy not the conspiracy theories, to the extent that I think that the Illuminati or Free Masons are behind the scenes pulling the strings, but I do believe, that groups of people, are working together to make their power base stronger, and that we the public can see it easily if we just open our eyes to Washington’s good-old-boy network.. I can not think of a time when being a friend of the president was more of an advantage than it is right now.. Washington working only for Washington is easy to see as they are so damn transparent.. why are they so transparent all of a sudden? Perhaps they realize that “we the people” can’t do jack shit about it!

I am getting a bumper sticker it will say…

Mephistopheles for President
(I’m tired of voting for the lesser of two evils)

Again I say.. I think we’re screwed Toto!

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