Monday, October 03, 2005

Harriet Miers the utimate trade?

Harriet Miers the utimate trade?

This is just my imagination running away with me.. but let me entertain you.. and it..

Harriet Miers has been selected by President G. W. Bush for the Supreme Court?
Why? I thought that Pres. B was a conservative? She doesn’t look like a conservative to me.. a 60 year old woman with no husband, no children and a knack for supporting Democrats.. like Gore (She gave money to his election)?


Here is how I imagine it all went down.. in late night meetings with Sen. Byrd, it was decided that Robert’s would get a pass, and that the President would then have to then nominate a Liberal homosexual woman, or Rev. Jessie Jackson..
Because G.W. hates black people and tried to have a goodly number of them shot after the hurricanes, he elected for the first, and we got Harriet Miers. (Lady Lesbian Justice from Texas...sounds like a comic book hero, in a N.O.W. hand out pamphlet)

Let’s just hope that there are not two more openings, before the end of G.W.’s term, we could end up with Hillary R. Clinton and the Rev. Al Sharpton both getting seats.

Perhaps we should rename the supreme court? Too bad the “Rainbow Coalition” is already taken.

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