Friday, December 30, 2005

Farris Hassan! What a nutcase? What a pair of nuts?

Okay I awoke to stories of Farris Hassan, and though this kid is fuckin' nuts!
Here is a littel blog entry from somone else that about sums it up
see blog

Then if I think back to my semi-miss-spent youth, I seem to remember myself as being a bit of a "crusader" with huge aspirations for self greatness, and a stupid sence of invulnerability. So put into perspective, I ahve to say that Farris is first off, "creative".

Perhpas if given the same situation, I would have tried it too.

Farris, you got one hellofa' pair a balls! It is good that you are safe. Any fame or fortune that comes your way as a resuly of this increadbly brave, and semi-stupid adventure is well earned.

Farris Hassan I salute you!

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