Monday, December 26, 2005

My boss sucks monkey nuts!

My Boss Sucks Monkey Nuts.

No it is really true.. I walked into the office the other day, and found him sucking on a pair of monkey nuts! What made this worse is he was humming a merry fucking tune while he did it!

I hope that he does not go to see King Kong, and it may be too much for his Monkey Nut sucking azz to stand!

I heard him say one that he likes chocolate covered monkey nuts! And loves Monkey Nut Butter!

Me, I like monkey nuts, but you won't catch me sucking a pair here at work! Or humming while I do it!

I have a friend that swears she is allergic to Monkey Nuts says that she was almost sent to the hospital because her throat started to swell after eating something , I think it was Thai food, with Monkey Nuts in it.

people who are allergic to Monkey Nuts have been known to die, even if only swapping a little spit with someone who has just sucked some monkey nuts.
If you know that you are allergic to Monkey Nuts you should be aware that many restaurants, especial Thai and Chinese use Monkey Nuts regularly, and as such you should always ask if your food contains Monkey Nuts of oil derived from monkey nuts.

I make a really Killer Monkey Nut Sauce, it is salty and sweet, just like you would expect a hot nut sauce to be.

I have posted the recipe here.. Read it and weep..
(you perverts)

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