Thursday, December 29, 2005

I got a case of Nixeclipsosis.. and don't you wish I would spell check?

That's right, I have self diagnosed myself with Nixeclipsosis.. I have been two nights now where I was looking at the clock more than my eyelids! I am on about 3 or 4 hours of sleep right now.. and feel like poop!

Why is it at 3 I could not sleep, but I could fall right back into a coma if I lied back down now? WTF???

I think Nix somehow managed to give me this illness.. and I am calling out the Spanish Inquisition to look into it! (Along with a troupe of Llamas a pair of trout, and a flying pygmy marmoset I met in a bar in East Kinslington a few years back!)

Secondly.. I know I was fucking nutters a few days ago, but looking back at those posts from the withdrawal addled brain, I just have to ask myself.. "Don't you wish I used spell check?" Of course my answer to that is, first it would make the title of this blog seem rather silly, and secondly BUGGER OFF! If you can;t handle a little creative typing, go read a book!

Okay, that about sums up how I feel right now.. so off to work I go.. I hope I can get a little nap in while I drive in today.


Fatman said...

Sleep deprevation is a whole bag of fun. You want 'creative'? Not going to sleep for a few days will do that to ya. Look at Edward Norton in Fight Club or even Christian Bale in The Machinist. Fun things happen.

The biggest problem with not sleeping for awhile (it rarely happens to me- I can sleep anywhere, anytime. Narcolepsy they call the condition) is that you forget how to talk. You start sprouting gibberish in real life and there ain't a spell check for that.

DelorumRex said...

For people who do not know what a lack of sleep for several days is like, I suggest this.. take an ambian, or lunestra, then DO NOT let yourself drift off to sleep.

Suddenly your entire life will seem as if it was written by Poe on smack, (on a bad day!)

That gives me an idea for a poetry blog! Poe on Smack! An Ode' To Poetry Tyranus!

NixEclips said...

Sorry, dude. It sucks, don't it?

I've found that a shit-load of alcohol helps the sleeping situation. Or, if you like heavy drugs, do those and then you may have the heaviest sleep of all. Death!

Damn, I'm so negative.

You could try Melatonin (I think that's right). Your body produces it when the sun is down to induce sleep, but you can buy it in pills or chewable tasty tablets. I used to use that and some hypnotherapy to get to fucking sleep.

Nix says: Good luck!

DelorumRex said...

I have slept.. I slept 9 hours.. and I felt like a real himan this morning!

Thanks for the advice.. I was ready to go straight to heavy narcotics!

Usualy I am like god old Fat Man.. Narcoleptic.. can sleep stadning up outside in a rain storm.. but take sleep away from me for a coupld of days, and I am an utter moron... more in a up and coming post..