Monday, January 23, 2006

Dear Nix..

Eat a bag of Darkness Falls..

Okay, that was just not nice.. but hey I am glad to see you are still above dirt..
You know I may just get your whinning ass somthing while in L.A.
Hope you like crap from the Airport gift shop..

At this point it looks like i will have about two evenings to go play.. mid week so I do not expect anything too exciting, perhpas I will catch a movie.. maybe there will be a darkeness falls marathon on the tele?
I oddly enough never caught the Evil Dead Movies, and now have discovered them really for the first time.. fun flicks!
I highly recomend them for anyone that wants to have a good time watching a horror flick.. you have to have a damn strange sense of humor to fully "get it", but even if you have had a partial frontal loboty, they should provide a grin or two.

lemme see if I have any more Swden pics to share.. too bad I can;t see the blog from here, I have to guess which ones I put up? .. here is one of me sleeping in the paris airport..

See not all the chairs were those damn torture devices.. this was at the terminal.. I got about 20 minutes worth of nap.

This is a good rendition of how I slept the first night in Sweden after being awake for 36 hours (less the 20 minute nap in paris)

I promised myself that the next tiem I was going to be in the air for more than 4 hours, I woudl buy business call tickets.. now I am flying across country to LA, adn my cheap ass bought coach tickets again!

I deserve to have my legs cramped and my ass sleeping for two days.. cheap bastard.

I really wish I could have blogged from Paris.. I was so out of my frickin' skull sleepy.. it woudl have been a real hoot to read after sleeping a while.. I imagine it woudl have been somthing like Nix's Spawn takeovers..

Well that's enough for now.. be good, take care, get bent.

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