Thursday, January 26, 2006

Hamas to run Palestine.. I think I am worried.. A lot!

Okay so Hamas (sp) was voted into control in Palestine.. WTF!
I have friends who are Christian Palestinian, and Muslim Palestinian, and none of them think that a terrorist organization is the best chance for peace.
But 71% OF THE VOTERS IN Palestine DO???

Israel may have it in their best interest to start making war plans.. (like they haven't been already), can you imagine, if say Canada said openly that it's policy was to rid the planet of The United States? Well Hamas has said that about Israel.. The dogs of war are begging to be let loose.

Here's the big problem as I see it.. Israel can now say that the populous of the Palestinian territories wants terrorism, so it is justified in killing civilians right along side of terroris leaders.. After all it was the population (by 71%) that put terrorists in command.

where will the states fall in on this? Well it ain;t gone be on the side of Palestine. (History proves that, and with our current "war on terror" the policy has already been set.)

SO what's next? Negotiating break down between the Palestinian authority and Israel, a bomb goes off in a Tel-Aviv coffee shop killing civilians, Israel marches into Palestine, or closes the temple mount, or both and all hell breaks loose.

I am afraid for my friends on both sides of that wall, they (my friends) are just people, people who want to live and let live, but with the current political storm a rising, I do not have much hope that they will be safe , in the all too near future.

I would beg for someone to step in now with some common sense, and help pave the way for peace, but I fear that it may be too late..
All we can do now is collectively pray for peace, and prepare for the worst.

enough politics for now.. I am sick over the whole damned mess!

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