Monday, January 23, 2006

Just a few thoughts.. Kobe Bryant and true love..

Kobe .. way to go.. wow..
I think they should have let you go for wilts record.. and I ain't talking the number of hos you've had.

Okay you should go for that one too.. but damn bro 3 M on a ring.. that must be some fine.. well you know.

Secondly true love.. I do not think it ever dies.. it may fade from memory for a while, but at the slightest fanning comes back to full flame.
I know now that I have been in "true love" twice in my life.. and I feel very lucky for both opportunities.

I once was told (while getting married) that love is not jealous..
now I understand. Just knowing that the object of my affections is okay, is enough. I feel no need to posses my love, I feel only a need to know that my love is okay..

In this aspect perhaps, true love is more like a life long friendship.. No matter what is going on in either life, no matter the miles that separate, or the time between encounters, it makes no difference, the only thing that matters is knowing, knowing all is well.

Lust: is jealous, and possessive, if even for a moment.. It is all destroying, all encompassing.. As long as I cannot be with my true love.. I think I will settle for true lust.. hehehe.

I learned something about myself.. I learned that I am capable of loving, truly. I truly wish to have true love again.. and know that it is possible. To me that makes a big difference in my attitude. I now know that there is hope, where once all hops was lost. I know that love will come my way again, if I am ready for it. I know that I am okay.

Now lets get back to lust..

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