Friday, January 27, 2006

Du Bist Deutschland (German for Tsar Bomb is a Homo?)

Don't you hate people that tromp around the bloggosphere just looking to flame somone?
I actually find the tiny minded little creatins funny.

Lets take for example Tsar_Bomb
"Old Tsary" (pronounced Old Tarry") as I have grown to call him flammed me, because I posted someone elses stuff, without giving credit.. well I made a mistake.. no big deal it is corrected now. He could have simply pointied my error out.. but no.

I especially liked though how he went on to first misunderstand the post and then go into a spasm of name calling.

Okay, I understand, he is German, and he does have penis envy, but why go all spastic?

So to Tsar Bomb I say.. please go invade France or something, and leave the rest of the sane world alone.

SO to Tsary.. I say.. please go fuckyourslef with a Tsharp object.
and have a nice day.


Harry said...

Tsar Bomb is definitely a fag (like most Nazis), but that's besides the point.

What his nick is referring to is
1. His delusion of grandeur of being someone of importance the likes of a Tsar, King or Fuehrer, and
2. One of his favorite German politicians calling for Germany to acquire its own nukes:

"The former German defense minister Rupert Scholz reckons that Germany may need to build its own nuclear weapons, reports the daily Bild in today's edition. . ."

DelorumRex said...

Here Tsar had all sorts of naughty things to say.. for which I am sure his mommy would have washed his mouth out with soap.. but while I was trying to post them they were deleted.. :( Now we will just have to wait for more wit and wisdom from the old bag of tar.
Sorry Tarry.