Thursday, January 26, 2006

This is the 405th post to this blog!

Can you believe that I have had 405 posts? That's a lot of nonsensical stuff to say!
Sure we're talked about Bush, and Canada, and Canadian Bush, but what have we really accomplished? (Notice the use of the royal "we")

Well, I have made a few new friends, adn even found a few that were misplaced (you never really lose a friend)

I have mispelled AND about 12,000 times, and butchered the english language more than that poor zombie in the evil dead clip below.
I found out more than I ever wnated to know about RSS and have even taught a few people how to promote themselves adn others.

I made (helped make) Nix more popular than Dawn Yang and have even threatened another with that same fate.

I have not recieved all them nekkid pictures in my email that i had hopped for.. but hey I got another 400 or so posts in me before I am spent like a soul singer oon their third encore, so I still have hope.
So ladies show me them taters, and on with the show!

Love you all, in deep and mysterious ways.

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