Monday, June 12, 2006

A Duke Lacrosse Moment... not another part of St

She walked into the room, her long red-brown curls hanging in perfect little ringletts pouring like dark honey from a pitcher down her back.
He blouse was cut low, giving just the smallest hint of the perfection of her breasts, it clung tight showing her perfect curves, and hinting at the hardness of her body benieth.
She wore a dark skirt that went to just above the knee.. it too was toght fitting.. and showed again all the hard work she had put into her hard , hard body... (and is that the line of a thong?).
She looked at me, her eyes dark , moist, and glinting with a hint of mischief.
Her mouth, red and full, spoke.
"So Duke, what are you thinking?"
My mind screamed this reply

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