Tuesday, June 13, 2006

shameless promotion of somone else's Blog!

Alright readers, followers, adn people who got here by accident. (note I leave the spambots out of the list)
Go check out this blog.
A truly unique concept.. bot friggin time somone had one ain;t it?
Here's the generals.. this Aussie, wants you to set up an exchange of something from your area, with somone from somewhere else.. a sort of cultural exchange.. food items seem to be the big thing right now.. but I see huge potential for other items.. take me for example.. I am offering to exchange a Michigan Unemployment Check, and a 90 year old lady (Member of the Dutch Reformed Church) for.. well actually anything.. I ain't picky and here in Grand Rapids, I have an endless supply of both of those items.

The Dutch Reformer Church.. well if you don;t know about them, I sure can;t tell you much here.. but let me sum it up like this.. I have been to Holland.. Amsterdam as a matter of fact.. to me it seems, like that much as the Douglas Adams story goes, all of the boring and useless people were sent off, in search of a new planet.. and the remaning population of their planet said that they would follow.. (actually a ruse to get rid of the useless and silly people).. this seems to have happened with the Dutch..
All of the boring, silly and useless were sent by ship to find a new land.. they found that new land and called it Holland (Michigan).. now all the cool, hip and pretty Dutch people are in Amsterdam havinga great fucking time, while I have to deal with people that have to vote on weather or not one should be allowed to mow the grass on sunday! (And it is a resounding NO! BTW)

I know that Douglas Adams, had been to West Michigan before writing the Hitchiker Series.. because no two minds seperated by such distance and time could have concieved of such a naughty plan.. with these fuggin monkeys here, it is no wonder the answer to life the universe and everything is 42!

In other economical news.. due to the unemployment situation here in West Michigan, my next door neighbors two youngest children, 19 and 20 years old, are joining the Army.. they can;t get good jobs here, with limited skill sets.. like a father who was early retired from GM who thought that they would follow in his factory rat footsteps.. and skipped all the hard classes in school.. so Army seems the asnwer..
It came down to work full time at low pay jobs and stay at home with Mum and Dad, or join the millitary.. well I know their mum and dad, and while very good people, I wouldn;t want to live with them either..
So GW gets two more bodies to throw at his war.. congrats GW, your economic plans and ideas are workign just fine.. you fucker!

I raq, next Iran.. hell keep up the sending jobs overseas and soon every middle class kid in america with no special skill set will be forced to join a branch.. it's brilliant!

Okay nough ranting for now.. I gotta go jump in the shower.. and wash the dirt of the day off.. g'nite.

and a youtube moment.. just for grins..



NixEclips said...

Alright, here's the deal. Tomorrow (Wednesday) will be our mid-week update and here comes your free shit: Anubis is giving away 6 dvds (one per person) the info will go up along with the update. And these are the actual DVDs, not bootlegs. And check
for info on that and any new stuff, as well.

That is all.

Anonymous said...

you're the greatest!

Rikki said...

Hey you can't trade your old ladies without joining up first!
Come Join up!!
Aussie Ambassador for Gimme Your Stuff

DelorumRex said...

ahh hell I been trying to talk my old lady into a swap thing for years.. bitch just won;t do it.. I don;t care what I sign up for.. but for trading shit with people I don;t know.. that is not my old lady, I will be sure to sign up at your site!

Anonymous said...

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