Friday, June 16, 2006

Press Release from Hot Tub and Spa Info Central

Hey my bro over at HTIC wanted me to tell all you about this new service.. so here it is.. a direct cut and paste job from
Hot Tub Info Central News Central
Hot Tub Info Central Announces New News and Press Release Service.
by The (as yet) Still Anonymous Webmaster

Hot Tub Info Central in a bold new move, has created a new News and Press Release service for any and all persons within the hot tub and spa, as well as pool industry.

When asked why? The Webmaster of Hot Tub Info Central simply said, "We looked for an easy way for hot tub and spa and pool pros to get a news story on one of the major news services, and found that it was not easy for anyone outside of the news business to get attention for their stories. That is without paying someone to do it for them. So we decided that the public was interested enough in news in and around the hot tub and spa and pool business, to make a go at it and give the professionals out there a place to say to the world what is new in their world.

It is the hope of HTIC that professionals from all over the planet will share their stories with the reader to the HTIC website, and with luck and determination someday get noticed by one of the online news services like Google News.

"For now we are leaving the content up to those that choose to submit, with the understanding that they are responsible for their content and that the content may be freely distributed, by other websites and with luck news services." Says Hot Tub Info Central founder.

It should be interesting to see who will come out in support of this new free service for the Hot tub, Spa, Pool and other recreation water professionals.

now check out what has for hot tubs...

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