Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Duke Lacrosse Private Eye: Saint's Blood part Nine,

I was nearly to Shakey’s when it started to rain, normally this would make me bich and complaine, but tonight the cold rain seemed to fot a darker underpinning of what I was becoming, I sort of enjoyed it..

I was in sight of the door to Shakey;s when I felt the hard poke of a service revolver in my ribs..

“You’re coming downtown Duke. don’t make any quick moves, or I’ll use this thing.” It was a voice behind me and to my left.. I knew it, it was Detective Fret, Steve Fret. And it gave me another good poke in the ribs.

His partner, a nice kid with a baby face, frisked me quickly, and said “He ain’t carrying Steve.”

“Bullshit” and another good poke in the ribs, this time it hurt a bit.. I really thought about sluggin this asshole, but then at best the poor kid would a had to pull his service revolver, and well I think a service revolver that has never been pulled from it’s holster is a thing of beauty.

I did not have my gun, in the mess of being dressed I had forgotten about it, or was it that thoughts I was having about my client that had me so distracted? Either way, I was naked as a jay-bird when it came to heat.

After the kid gave me a good patting down and Detective Fret tried to run my head into a poor unsuspecting wall, I was stuffed into a waiting squad car.
I could see my client now, she was awaiting for me at the door, in a white fur coat no less.. I can only guess at what she had under the coat, and a part of me wished it was nothing.

Her eyes followed me, as we drove by, I swear I could hear her say “don’t worry Duke, I will save you.”
Funny a gal savin’ my bacon? But this was no ordinary gal was she?

Dt. Steve and the kid walked me upstairs in the precinct building, I was ushered into an office towards the back, and handcuffed roughly to a chair, I have been pushed down into.
“So duke, you got anything you wanna confess?” it was the Detective.

“Fuck you, flat foot! I don’t; know why your bothering me, but goddamn it I want a lawyer!” I yelled.

I didn’t see the fist coming, or I would have clinched my teeth. As it was I was struck while my mouth was open, I felt my jaw crack under the blow, and a sharp pain in my tongue.

“Fuck me? No Duke I think you’re the one who’s fucked. Tell me, why did you kill the girls? They couldn’t get you off or something?” This was punctuated with a kick to the back of the chair, that caused me to stretch at the wrists as my weight cam forward against the handcuffs behind me. If my mouth didn’t hurt so damn much it would have been mighty uncomfortable, as it was it served only as a minor distraction, and a reminder that I would have to wait to fuck this dick up.

“I don’ know nothing ‘bout no damn dead girls” I sad have gurgling through the blood my mouth was now full of. “Why Don’t you let me talk with my lawyer, and I am sure we can sort all this shit out.”

What followed next was mostly a blur, after the next shot to the jaw, everything got a bit fuzzy, but it was mostly kicking the shit outa me, and telling me about my lineage.

Towards the end, I think I remember seeing the kid’s face, he looked at me with a sort of pity, while the detective, held my head off of my chest by the hair of my head.. “I hope they didn’t fuck my hat up too much…I remember thinking before everything went all fuzzy, electric, sparkly then black and buzzy…

I don’t know how much later it was when I heard a voice, it was the kid maybe.. He said.. Some dame out here, says she’s Duke’s lawyer?
“Ah fuck let her in” I heard the detective say.

I tried to look towards the door, to see who this lady lawyer was, my lawyer was a 70 year old alcoholic named Ernie, who would never be confused for a dame, a werewolf maybe, but not a dame., who had nearly been disbarred for a little stunt he pulled with a Singapore madam back a few years ago, he was a pervert, but a damn good attorney.

It hurt too much to turn my head that far, and my eyes, were so swollen that I doubt I coulda seen much even if I could have.
“Your client’s been a bad boy , tried to resist and well we had to rough him up a bit to fit him into the cuffs.” I heard the Detective say..
“yea sure pal.. “ I thought

“I need some time alone with him” I hear her say. It was the countess. The only voice I wanted to hear more than Ernie’s
(to be continued)

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