Thursday, June 15, 2006

Duke Lacrosse Private Eye: Saint's Blood part Ten Life's Blood

Duke Lacrosse St.’s Blood part ten

“I need some time alone with him” I hear her say. It was the countess. The only voice I wanted to hear more than Ernie’s …

I heard the door shut.. “Duke You’re hurt” I heard her say, heer hands now on the sides of my swollen and fat face.
“No shit?..” I tried to smile, but it just hurt to fucking much.

“You’re dying.” She said.

“Nah, I’ll be fine.. This sort of shit happens all the time..” Again I was trying to smile, and through all the swelling, I am not really sure it sounded like much.

“I can smell death, Duke, and you are dying.” she said, her touch was comforting and soft.

“I can stop it.” she said, “But you must give yourself to me willingly.”

I remember thinking all sorts of things at this point that could not be real, hell this shit was the kind of stuff that bad movies were made of.. I tried to lift my head, so that I could see her.. What I saw was a blur, still wrapped in a white fur coat.. I could still remember how beautiful she was, especially the night before when she had been mine. .. I managed to get “okay” out..

She moved quickly towards me.. She cupped the sides of my head and tilted my face up towards hers I could see the shadow of her face coming closer, then I felt her lips.. So soft and so unusually warm on mine.. I felt her tongue dart between my now broken teeth, and dispite the fact my mouth must be full of blood, I tasted it.. Blood.. Only not mine.. This was her blood, from her mouth.. I could feel the opening in her bottom lip.. She had bitten it, hard enough to bleed.. She had bitten her lip when we were together too, but this was different, (the thought still made me mad with desire for her, yes through all the pain I was feeling, I still wanted her!)

Her blood was sweeter than mine, it was also a little saltier than mine, but most of all it was hotter than mine! It seemed to stream into my mouth from her wound.. “swallow, my love, swallow it, and all the pain will go away..” she was whispering now.. And I swallowed.

It was nearly immediately that the pain started to fade, and my vision started to clear.. My face and eyes were still swollen as all hell but I was getting better! My heart was beating hard, and strong in my chest, so hard that I could feel each beat throughout my whole body.. I felt like I was buzzing from within.. And I cannot remember feeling so much energy.. Shit I felt like I could’a broke the handcuffs, and beat the hell outta everybody in the precinct house.

“Relax now” it was her, and I could now see her face, so sweet and concerned, her eyes again looking like they would tear up. “It takes some time to work fully. You need to rest” her touch was heaven, as I felt her run her fingers through my hair and then down my chest.

“I have a lot of questions for you.. “ I said, my speech coming easier and without pain now.
“No, tonight you will rest.” It was a demand. “Tomorrow night, we will speak, and you can ask me all your questions.”

“Detective!” she yelled.
A few seconds later I saw the door open and Det. Steve poked his head in,
“Yup” he said, smug little bastard.

“You must charge my client of let him go, which is your decision”. She stated at him in a lawyer’s certainty.

“He ain’t goin nowhere. He’s killed two tramps, and we mean to see him fry for it.” Again it was the detective.

“You will not harm him further, or I will be speaking with your chief!” she said again a demand more than a statement.

“Yea, yea. We’ll give him a nice place to sleep all this off.” Detective Steve said, and I saw the kid behind him. The kid was smiling, relieved I guess, hell he probably never saw anybody killed before, and I was believing what the countess had said, I was dying.

“I will wathc you put him away.” she said stately as ever.

“Sure” it was the kid.

I was carried down into the basement holding cells, they were dark, wet and cold, but ther wasn’t anybody else down here, especially one prick detective, who seemed hell bent on killing me.

I was locked into a small cell, with a all metal bunk and nothing else.
The two officers that carried me down turned to leave the countess was still there.

“May I have one more minute with my client” she said.
It was kinda funny to me that now she was calling me her client.

“Sure thing maim.” it was one of the two uniforms,
They walked to the end of the corridor, and turned their backs to us.

“you will not understand everything that is about to happen to you, but trust me you will be fine, and you will live.” she said.

I leaned into the bars, she read my mind as always, and leaned in and gave me a kiss. A Soft sweet kiss, like a real lover gives another.
“I think I love you.” I said.
She smiled, that crooked smile that had charmed me in the beginning, turned and walked away.

(to be continued)

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