Tuesday, April 07, 2009

it is strang... but this is what I was bloging about...

okay this was fresh... in 2005! Now with the AVM popped I feel even more determined to get to those I have yet to find.
(okay it is an older pic... but hey I look good)
Okay I have this list of people I am looking to reconnect with, but have lost touch with over the years. I wonder if there is any chance that through the principal of separation by degrees that I could post their names here and that someone would eventually run into them and pass this URL on or even my email address?

What the hell let's give it a try.. I will write the name and the last place I saw them, and an approximate year.. pass this on to everyone you can.. just be sure to include the URL here

Gregory Louis Fuller (aka Louis Gregory Fuller) last seen 1968 Grand Rapids Michigan
Karen Denee' Last seen Lake of the Ozarks MO. 1975
Joy George Last Seen Lake of the Ozarks 1975
Alejandro "Alex" Lastra Last seens 1983 Miami FL.
Javaier Lastra Last seen 1981 Miami , FL.
Maria Delgato last seen Miami, FL. 1985
Ann Clexton last seene Miami 1986 FOUND! 11-14-05!!!
John Eby Last seene Miami 1985 found kinda'
Rick Eby Last seen Miami 1985 found!!!
Lidia (or Lydia) Hernandez last seen Miami 1987
Tracy Hernandez last seen Miami 1986
Elmer McDowell last seen Miami 1990
John "ki-ki" Clopton Last seen Miami 1986
Katherine Wyatt (or Fuller or Turnbull) -Talahassee FL 1999 found!
Kyra Wyatt - Tallahassee Florida 1999
Martha "Marti" Findley (or Finley?) - Grand Rapids Michigan 2000
Deborah "Debbie" Viggiani- Naples Florida 1990 found!
Cheryl Viggiani - Naples Florida 1990 Found!
Mike Lyttle- Miami 1990
Danny Wu - Miami 1990
Mike Alverez - Miami 1984
Virginia Harris - Miami 1989
Kevin Connway - Grand Rapids MI 1992
Sue Spicer - Howard City Michigan 1991
Monica Behan (also Fuller and Smith)- Grand Rapids Mi 1997

There are a ton of others that I have lost along the way.. I may come back here and add to this list.
I have looked through Classmates for these folks where I had enough information to do a search, I have also googled the names, but either there was too much information to narrow it down to something relevant, or there was no information I could use to link the found item with the person I was looking for.

So here is where you come in.. and I don't know that this will even work.. but like i said what the hell..
Cut and paste this post into an email and send it out to everyone that is on your mailing list, that will not mind getting it.
Even if their name is not on the list.
Then I ask that they send it on, and so on and so on.
Using the theory of separation by degrees, this email should land in their lap in 15 or so generations of forwards.
If you are named on the list, please come to my URL
and leave me a comment or drop me an email. (see my profile)

Here is an incentive.. I promise that you luck will get no worse than it already was going to be if you forward this to everyone on your emailing list (that will not object to receiving it)
So please forward this, and if you are named in the list please come see me at
thank you.
Sure a few of the found ones I have emailed , thay have emailed and there was nothing in common. But some I have talked with we have struck up a friendship that is really special.


I will quit my job today... all over a stolen up... I do not think they will do anything to the thief... so quitting seems like the only thing to do.

I don't make any money when I don't sell... so this is a big deal.

What I'm going to do with my Tuesdays I don't know yet... we'll see.

Okay for an AVM update... there were no avm's to report... that is a good thing.

so you know what is left... yes it is youtube!

Time After Time- cyndi lauper

and some amazon...

Okay that's that... either today or tomorrow I'll tell you what they said... if they say anything at all.


Neo said...

great tune!

I will give it a shot for you my friend

DelorumRex said...

Great! I let you know if it goes anywhere.