Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Jess&Greg an AVM report... no me I feel bad... damn it...


I have a what is called an AVM in my brain. I have brain surgery tomorrow.

It is a knot of blood vessels in the back of my brain that it considered to be a birth defect that as I grew into adulthood it keeps getting tighter and tighter so they have to remove it before it pops. It runs in my family. And they only way you know it is there is to have MRI's and CAT-Scans. My father's popped but we are having mine removed early to avoid it popping during labor

I go in at 8am and it should take about 3 hours. Once I am out of recovery I hope to post an update. If I remember I want to post before I go in too

Our bundle of joy Brendan Caleb is on his way!


Wish them good luck...

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