Wednesday, April 08, 2009

AVM and Led Zeppelin

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It seems like this journey has taken so long, and We've waited for so long to find out whats going to happen, and now that its just around the corner im terrified. This time next week we'l know what they are going to do, wether they are going to let her have the operation or wether they have decided that she just wont survive it...I cant decide what would be for the best? with all the risks involved with surgery would it be better to leave it? And then theres the risks with just leaving it?. Really scared now of what they are going to do and say next week....hardly sleeping, its just such a big decision that we arent going to have any say in....Just felt like ranting...feeling lost all over again.
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AVM survivor

Sen. Tim Johnson tours Muenster University Center



The recently opened Muenster University Center was paid a visit Monday by South Dakota’s longest-serving Democratic U.S. Senator, Tim Johnson.

The Vermillion native and USD alumnus greeted students and faculty and took a few photos as he received a tour of the new facility. The building’s namesake, Ted Muenster, and USD President James Abbott guided Johnson on the tour....

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Led Zeppelin Over the Hills and Far Away


Led Zeppelin No Quarter

If you can still believe it ... I still have a headache... Right now it's livable... oh yah... I quit my job yesterday. Now it is a matter of finding one... shoud not be hard to replace... p/t minimum wage is equivalent. I have to get over this headache...

So what do you think... shoud I offer some Led Zeppelin... nah you'll find it in this blog if you are intrested.

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