Friday, October 14, 2005

Bird Flu.. what’s the big deal? I may be missing somthing here? Can you Help?

Bird Flu.. what’s the big deal?

I think I may be missing a piece of the puzzle.. why are we all so worried about the Bird Flu? (Avian Influenza)
Aren’t there new strains of flu nearly every year? Ha s the Bird Flu started killing otherwise healthy people?
I have a medical background, and to me this seems like just another flu virus, that may or may not cause harm to the human population.
Sure, I feel that things like emerging influenza viruses need to be monitored, and that organizations like the WHO need to watch for signs of pandemic, but why is this strain getting so much attention , and why right now?
The Spanish Flu Pandemic of 1918 – 1920 was horrific, it killed people in their prime, and did so quickly, but what makes Avian Flu like the Spanish flu? Other than that they are both viruses?

Is it that slow in the news world that the media feels a need to drive a panic about a flu that may amount to nothing?
Seems like the stories about “Able Danger” should be making more headlines? How about that little war we’re in? Or the upcoming elections? Or that we may get wiped out by a chunk of rock from outer space.. hell if the media feels the need to scare people, we could talk about the geological changes in the Yellowstone Super-volcano. I would bunch Bird Flu with all unknown viruses, as far as an actual threat to humanity. At least at this point.

So here is a list of things to be worried about that may kill enough humans to cause a sudden change in society.. in at least some order of probability.

Asteroid / comet impact
Super Volcano Eruption
Collapse of the Canary Islands causing a title wave that kills millions along the eastern seaboard.
Terrorist use of Small Pox
Terrorist use of Nuclear/Radiological weapon
Viral Pandemic (Not Bird Flu)
President Bush
Hillary Clinton
Alien Invasion
Bird Flu

Perhaps Alien invasion should be closer to the top..
But to keep this serious for another moment, why is Bird Flu getting so much press? Does anyone have an answer?
Could it be just so Bush could test the waters of bringing the military in to confine the population, violating

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