Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Conspiracy theory Anti-Depressant Drugs and Gun Control & Free Universal Healthcare!

Conspiracy theory Anti-Depressant Drugs and Gun Control

Well my fellow Conspiracy theory readers. Allow me to put this out there for you to expand upon.. pass it on to conspiracy theory writers and watch the fireworks if you will.

I have not read this any other place, so perhaps this is a first?

It has been brought to my attention that in many areas of the country, that you second amendment right to keep and bare arms is stripped from you, if you have been placed on anti-depressant drugs!

It strikes me as funny, that there are so many advertisements for anti-depressants on television, and in print, and to a lesser degree on radio.

Is this the latest ploy of our government to make sure that the populace is not armed?
What is the government’s master plan? Why is it so important to them, to keep us the citizens from having a way to effectively protect ourselves?
Could this, in conjunction with Universal healthcare, ensure that more and more of the population cannot get a permit to carry or even purchase a firearm in the future?

Is this just the beginning of the age of American totalitarianism?

Could be???
I take Paxil.. how about you? (I became addicted to it during a smoking cessation, attempt, and was diagnosed as “depressed” during my withdrawal from it!

Add this to the mix.. more and more children and adults are being placed on medication for ADD or ADHD.. this to is seen as a psychological disorder.. and using the broad brush law in my area.. if you are currently, or have been at anytime diagnosed with a psychological disorder, you may not acquire a permit to carry a firearm. Nor may you obtain a permit to purchase a handgun. (Rifles and shotguns are slated for similar legislation, even as I write this..)

What other maladies can be put down as psychological disorders? (That are currently being treated with drugs, that have to be prescribed, thus requiring a doctor to make a diagnosis?) Over eating.. under eating.. fatigue.. unexplained muscle soreness.. = depression (yep saw that one on TV last night!), the list will continue to grow, until every American adult can be diagnosed with one for or another of psychological disorder.

Can you think of a better way to get the guns out of the hands of those who may revolt? Give universal healthcare, have a government doctor diagnose you as depressed.. and viola’ no guns for you.

I can almost hear the lines of storm trooper goose-stepping out side my office right now.. can’t you?


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