Thursday, October 13, 2005

Posting on other people's blogs..

Why is it that people, because they can basically be anonymous, leave rude comments in people's blogs?
I know for the most part it is young men, okay boys, that do this, (13-20) and we all know that in that age range many young men, have only one thing on their minds.. and it ain;t being kind to their fellow man.
I mane, if a blogger takes the time to write a paragraph.. or several about a subject, shouldn'
t you take the time to leave a more thoughtful comment that "Dude.. you suck." or "uR A FaG" okay perhaps it's cute when you call your little friends a fag, but you ain;t my friend.. Well at least not yet. If I want abuse I will ask my wife how she feels about something.. So come on boys.. Get your heads out of your asses and take the time to write a sentence or two, use a little thought when you post.. Hell this is going on your permanent record, so you might was well make it count.
Be thoughtful when you cut another persons work to shreds.. That's all I ask.
Or be a turd, and the world will continue to not take you very seriously.. the choice is yours.

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