Friday, October 14, 2005

When do you live?

When are you? I mean when are you right now?

I saw a study that said that people of various religions live in different times.. Not literally, but meaning that they live in the Past, the Future, or the now.
Buddhists were , according to this report, most likely to live in the "now".
Funny, I seem to have changed my life perspective over the years. I used to live in the future, always looking at what I hoped to be one day.
Now I find myself living more and more in the past, looking back at good times and bad.. Mostly good.
I wonder if at anytime during that pendulum swing, I lived in the now?
Even as an experimenting Buddhist in the late teen years of my life, I think I lived more with an eye to the future, than an eye in the present.
I wonder what the trick is to living in the "now"?
Where are you today.. Or should I say "When are you today?"

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