Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Go visit
Go visit, leave a comment, be a friend.. but remember she's off the market.. well for now.. hell she's on her way to collage.. we all know how that can change a fine young tender like her.. (wink wink.. nudge nudge)
To bad I am old enough to be her dad.. shhhh don;t tell her.. I want it to be a surprise, when she wakes up in the morning.. and sees my false teeth on the nightstand..
(okay I do not have false teeth, but I am going bald.. kinda hard to hide that.. maybe I could tell her that I was involved with a super secret government project, and as a result was exposed to Zeta particles.. thus the premature balding and gray hair???
Nah she's way to smart for that stuff.. I guess I will just have to tell her I am rich.. worked for my last girfriend.
(oh if my wife reads this she's going to KILL me!)

Now everyone within the sound of my voice.. go shamelssly promote her.. her URL is just do it!


Lorrell said...

Thanks for that post...telling everyone you know to check out my about shameless, and to think, I thought that you were just trying to impress me!

DelorumRex said...

did it work? The impressing thing, I mean.