Friday, October 14, 2005

a blurry eyed.. slow day at work.

Perhaps I cannot be pleased with life?
I can remember days in the not too distant future, where I was begging for a break in the action.. today.. it is slow.. so very, very slow.. each second feels like a lifetime.. okay maybe not a lifetime.. but perhaps 9 seconds.. that makes for a mighty long 9 hour work day.. and I still have nearly three hours to go! Arrrrrggggghhhhhhh!

so here i am.. checking email.. going to and looking at funny and sexy videos.. really I go there for the funny ones.. but hey sexy is a nice bonus.

I have emailed friends, read emails from admirers, and detractors alike, clipped my fingernails.. washed my hands about 50 times.. drank a pot of coffee.. and it is still only 3:20!

I have sent both of my helpers home.. I got tired of their "I wanna start my weekend" looks. I would comment on the news, but lets face it, most of it is sad or fiction.. or both.. politics.. same deal.
I have read entries in nearly 50 blogs today.. some were pretty good, but none so good or obnoxious that I feel a need to comment here on them.

I feel like I have made a friend today.. a fellow blogger, she is young and in collage, and funny and smart.. all the things I wish I was right now.. well I like being male, but other than gender, I am a little envious.. With an attitude like hers I am sure she will go far.. I kinda hope we can keep our pen pal like friendship up for a while.. it will be fun to see her experience , for the first time, some f the things I did years ago. I think the thing I like most is the underlying optimism I feel from her.. the world needs more positive feelings.. (jesus I should go sing Kum-baya now...)

I love youth, when it is good and positive.. I am envious of the young, in some ways, and glad that I have that portion of life behind me in other ways.. I mean what a scary world to be in, if you don;t know where you are going in life.. when I was a kid in high school, I remember thinking it will all work out.. and for hte most part it has.. but as a youth of today, I don;t know if I would be so care-free as I was then. And isn;t being care-free part of living a young life?

Well I am digressing.. like this wasn't all a big digression from my day anyway.. my point its this.. I am proud to have my new "friend" and know that it will be a very good time seeing things from a younger perspective. In the place I am now, most of the younger people I come in contact with, have to keep me at arms length, because I can either fire them or make them move out and get jobs.. it is refreshing to have this insight into the life of someone with their whole future stretched out ahead of them. In some strange way, it makes me feel a little younger too.

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