Saturday, October 01, 2005

Rollin your own a review..

Rollin your own a review..

Today I bought a rolling machine, filter tubes and tobacco, and started rolling my own.

Machine: Gambler.. works well, and is easy enough, but I smoke 100's and it does not accommodate the long papers well.. I find myself packing the tobacco and then taping it down to about regular length. Price $4.75

Filter tubes: Tops 100's , other then the problem with my machine, they work well and taste okay. Price, $2.79

Tobacco: Natural American Sprit Organic. Hey if I am saving $20.00 on a carton I might as well get the most expensive tobacco at the shop.. taste good, slightly dry, odor, mild and not unpleasant. Nicotine satisfaction, good, I am not smoking more, even though the cigarettes are shorter.

Overall experience: Good, it does take time to roll your own, and a little practice is needed to get just the right amount of tobacco in the machine. I did roll a non filter by hand, it was okay.. but lets face facts.. it has been YEARS since I rolled anything into a paper, and it was a little lopsided.. taste without filter strong, not real pleasant compared to the filter tubes.

Will I continue to roll my won, Yes. With Carton prices approaching $50.00 I do not see too many options. Sure I could quit, but I am a died in the wool smoker, so that's out at least for now.

I like the idea of smoking tobacco without additives, I know it is not healthy, but at least I know what is going into my body.

By the way.. you can get a carton of Natural American Spirit cigarettes by going to if you have a chance, tell them I sent you.

Peace pass it on.

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