Thursday, September 08, 2005

Top Secret Sauce (Peanut Butter for Chicken)

Top Secret Sauce (Peanut Butter for Chicken)

Here is another favorite recipe, this one came about in an act of desperation. I was young and married and BROKE! And had a craving for Thai food… the result was amazing and has become a family favorite.

Take 1 C water put in small sauce pan
Crush & Chop 2 clove pieces of fresh Garlic put in sauce pan.
Bring to boil.
Stir in smooth peanut butter until nice and thick Usually takes about ¼ C. but I just stir in heaping TBS until it is the thickness of runny pudding.
Slowly add soy sauce tasting along to way until mildly salty.

(I used to also add cayenne pepper to taste.. I don’t any more because my G.I. tract is getting old, but feel free to add it if you like.. into the water before the peanut butter)

Spoon over chicken (from the previous recipe is best) that you have cut into manageable strips.

Recommended vegetable is asparagus, also with sauce spooned over. And Rice as your starch.
There are now bagged instant rice dishes, and the Thai garlic is about the best for complimenting the chicken.

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