Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Apple, UofM SC Index, Ipod and more..

The University of Michigan has an American Consumer Satisfaction Index.
You can parts of the report, or order a copy from them at
See here for the UofM page that refers to it

I think it is a great strike of luck, that I was planning on writing a little ditty about the Index today, and how Apple has very high rankings mostly due to the success of the iPod I am sure... when I see that Apple is also a top search today as well..

I wish the Index would take suggestions for industries to monitor, that could include smaller business like the one I am in.. I think it would be interesting to see how I stack up against my competition in the customer satisfaction area.
Being in Customer service (more or less) , I always here when something goes wrong, rarely do I hear when somthign goes right.
I would suggest to you, if you are a consumer, that has a positive experience, that you share this with the company that gave you the pleasant experience.. it really mans a lot to people, like my employees, to hear that they have done a good job, and it helps keep the good people, in what can be a tough position.
(Example: can you imagine having to talk to 100 people a day, that are having a problem with your product? Sure you may have a million products out there, as a manufacturer that are operating perfectly, but a percentage will always fail, if your product is at all complex.. now imagine 100 people a day calling you to complain.. day after day.. it gets tiresome, even if you can keep the small percentage in perspective.. then one nice customer calls back, or emails or writes, to say that you did an excellent job, or that you have an excellent product.. it really goes a long way.

So my challenge to you, is the next time you have something that does not break.. that you are perfectly satisfied with, that you contact the company and tell them that they are doing a great job! (Go ahead do something nice, it won’t hurt a bit)

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