Friday, March 03, 2006

American Idol..

Well I said durring the first few shows, that Kelly Pickler would be going all the way, they just spent way too much time on her back story.. it was as if it were preordained.
We will see if my prediction hold.. although I do not think she will win, I think it will be like last season, but reversed, in this case.. I think the winner will be (The bald guy) what's his name.
And Both will go on to recording carreers.

Why am I talkign about American Idol? Good question.. I (as a rule) HATE network television, and AI is not real exception, but it is on in my house, none-the-less, so I figure, I may as well sign on like hte rest of the mindless TV zombies out there, adn watch.. at least I have somthing in common with my workmates because of it.. it is hard to get somone talking about History's Mysteries around the water cooler when American Idol is in season..

I have only gottn in one movie this week.. it was The Seventh Seal (1957) orriginaly done in Swedish with MAx Von Seidow (sp) starring.. great flick, if you are good with subtitles. In English language, it was poorly done.. the voices all sounding alike with very little emotions.. So if you want to read while you view.. I know this drives some people nuts, I recomend this classic.


NixEclips said...

Great movie. Makes Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey even funnier, if you've seen 7th Seal!

BTW, yes, my Hills Have Eyes review should be up for the opening on Sunday!

Anonymous said...

We don't get American Idol in France but we get similar shows - "Popstars" , "Recherce Nouvelle Star" and they are HUGE. Sometimes the winners go on to big things - sometimes they just fade away. Everyone wants to be a star! BTW I'm an Australian married to a French girl and it's really funny to watch well-known American movies dubbed into French. They have the same (seems like) half dozen voices doing everything. You watch one movie and go "Haven't I heard that voice before?" And they make Charles Bronson , Arnie and Dirty Harry sound like fags. Hilarious. Mal at

Anonymous said...
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