Tuesday, February 28, 2006

okay one more tammy NYP sexy cell phone amature porn download post..

I had to do it.. I could not stop myself..
To recap, for those of you who do not know about Tammy NYP.. 17 year old cheerleader from NYP (nyang Polytechnic sp) (Singapore) .. had made, or made, a sex video of her and her boyfriend .. (who happens to be very well hung for a guy with the last name of Hung.. )on her video phone.. A "friend" steals poor Tammy's cell phone and emailes the sexy video to classmates, adn instructers at NYP (not NYU) then everyone in the world turns pervert and tries to find out where they can download a copy of this amature porno.. Her boy friend is roumored to be in his early 20's and is said to be now wanted by the police for corrupting this poor young maden.. (remembing quote from a reader here" That ain't the first time she has had one of those in her mouth".. :)

Now there are all sorts of roumors and conspiricy theories about this.. was it a publicity stunt? Was there a third person shooting the video? (Were they in the grassy nole when they shot it?)
Has Tammy been offered a multi millon dollar contract from a Hollywood film studio to "do it again".
Has Hustler magazine tried ot sign her up to an exclusive deal, on a movie, and full spread (no pun intended) in the magazine the minute she turns 18?
Where is the missing Money shot?
Can tammy be heard to say "Me so Horney?" and giggle in frame 1478 through 1496?

And last but not least.. I give props de'jur...

If you have a Tammy NYP fixation you gotta go here..

This person has some of the best (and strangest) insight to the whole tammy nyp , singapore, sex video, download thing out there.. go give him some props!


Anonymous said...

Don't know whether 6000 voyeurs is what I expected. But any "exposure" is good I suppose. My story on Gerard Jones at www.everyonewhosanyone is more interesting - nothing to do with bloody Tammy. Mal at

Anonymous said...

Do you know anything about this supposed Tammy Suicide? I'm just getting scraps and can't confirm anything. mal (again) from

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