Monday, February 27, 2006

a few final words on the NYP Tammy download sex movie..

Okay.. I hope that hits will be my final word on the subject..
I have been thinking about this , and have come to a few conclusions.
If Tammy NYU and her Beau were making money from this, or wanted the fortune and fame it would be okay in my book.
They are after all just kids doing what, in this country is seen as natural for people of there age.. sure most of us do not film our sexual escapades when we are 17 but more than a few of us have filmed the act of love making.. so what's the big deal?
The tragedy in this is that they did not want the "exposure" and as suck I feel compelled to NOT post links to the Tammy nyu download, nor point you my readers to where you can see this accidental amateur porn. (sorry)
Have i seen it? Perhaps.. and if i had I would tell you, it is a very amateur film shot with a friggin camera phone! (how good do you think it could be?) Sure the two in the film are not all that bad looking, but come on there are a lot more beautiful people making adult film, and some have descent production values!
So if you have not seen the Tammy NYP video, let me suggest that you stop looking for it.. it just is not that good. (The Paris Hilton vid was better, and Paris was an adult when it was shot.. Tammy in many areas is not at the age of "consent" so that opens the whole pedophilia question.
One has to wonder, if there are not some distributing child-porn charges in a few futures, simply because a link was posted.
I believe that at the age of 17 one cannot give consent to be filmed having intercourse, even if one can consent to have sex.. so the thin line of possession of child pornography comes into question for those who have downloaded it.. are you willing to spend a life time on a "sexual predators database" because curiosity drove you to download this poor example of a armature porn? And remember, ignorance of the law is no excuse?
SO is it worth it? Is it worth the time in clicking to see bad porn? Is it worth the potential consequences if you are caught in possession of or distributing this bad movie? I don’t think so.

So with luck this will be my last comment on this subject.. I do love the hits that the subject has brought to my blog, I hope that a few that visited enjoyed the read.. but now, lets all get onto the next big thing? (whatever that may be)

Here are a few roumors for the day.. Roumor: THe Tammy Vid is viral, adn will F your system up.
Roumor: The Tammy NYU Movie is being put onto webpages by some governments in order to see how widespread the child porn problem is within their country (your IP is recorded etc etc)
Roumor: The whole thing was put on by a team of hackers who only ever wnated to steal information (by virus, logger, worm, etc)
ROumor: If you watch the Tammy NYU video you have 7 days to make a copy and pass it on to somone, or you will have bad sex for the remainder of your life. (Or variation: Tammy will come through a television monitor, and suck the life out of you. a la The Ring)

Best Comment of the Day by TammyNYUIFedHer: "That ain't the first time she's had one of those in her mouth!"


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