Thursday, March 02, 2006

Rumor was just a rumor.. Tammy NYP Suicide.. hoaxed.

Rumor of Tammy's suicide was just that a rumor.. see comments in my last Tammy post for a link to the source of the rumor..
Seems that a little phone sex porn video download has brought out the sicko in a lot of us..
Tammy we love ya!

From my earlier post..
There is a vicous roumor circulating that Tammy of Tammy NYP fame has tried or succeded in commiting suicide.. I hope that this is just a roumor.. Most of the People at NYP do not htink that she did anything wrong.. and I can say from what I have been hearing in posts and emails, that most of the world does not think she did a thing wrong.. bold perhpas, but not wrong. It may be time for hte people of Singapore to take another look at some of their morality laws (issues), and come into this century... If anyone reading this has any nfo on the Tammy Suicide please leave a comment.. otherwise as far as I have been able to tell it is all just roumor. Tammy we love ya!

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