Sunday, February 26, 2006

Tammy NYP turns us all into Hos! Someone download me pleasssssse!

It would seem that Tammy NYP is all the rage.. still.. this beats Breeeeport by a mile! (I need to figure out how to sneek into the popular thought, anyone wanna steal some naughty pics of me? I am fat bald and ugly.. and I think the world needs more of that!
I once thought of making porn for normal people.. but then though.. who in the world woudl want to watch middle aged slighly cubby people go at it???

But I will admit.. I just love all the Technortati Hoin that is goin' on...
(guilty.. but not really intentionaly)
Making money with Tammy nyp download?

(no tammy NYP there, but look what you can find!)

First a note for first time readers.. this blog is about making money online.. if this is something that interests you read on. If you are looking for the infamous Tammy NYP download, you will want to go back now.
Otherwise, I suggest that you read the archives. The suggestions in this blog are based on my experience in making money online with free websites and blogs. Good luck to you either way!

Also note, I am not here ot make moral judgements, if exploiting the NYP Tammy video is against something you stand for, worry not, there are plenty of these little dittys that come along. I use Tammy NYP as just the latest example.

Recently a new phenomenon has arisen, Tammy NYP.
Tammy NYP is a 17 year old girl from Singapore, that had the unfortunate luck of having her cell phone stolen and a "friend" then emailed copies of a sexually explicit video that was found on the phone to classmates, instructors, etc. The video has subsequently been uploaded to video sharing websites like and has become all the buzz at technorati and other places with people search blogs.

One blog that I run, which typically gets < 200 hits per-day, had nearly 2000 hits after I wrote a little commentary on Tammy NYP.

I must have been out of Making Money mode when I wrote my little ditty, because I failed to capitalize on it... :(

What lessons can be learned from this?
Well, let me tell you. You can follow the trends at technorati as I have suggested before, and get traffic. . but never forget the intention of getting that traffic.. to make money!
SO always implant a link to an affiliate program inside your posts! And preferably one that has a similar theme.. a good example, would have been to write the dirty on Tammy and then add a link to "Taking Lives" with Angelina Jolie.. all that would have needed to be done was to say something like..
Tammy NyP is a joke.. if you want to see a real good sexy video try

Taking lives, with Angelina Jolie!

Note the use of an link.
Another lesson: It is okay to chase trends using a free website, like the one you will get at, but keep in mind that it can takes weeks for an update to get indexed in the search engines.. so using blogger, to draw traffic for these little flash in the pan phenomenon's is perhaps a better plan.

One idea that comes to mind, is to start a website which outlines the technorati search anomalies "like breeeport" and "Tammy NYP" and cross link between the two.
If you were to place a few well though of affiliate links like the ones you will find at, on the webpage, you could capitalize for months to come, and only have to write a couple of articles to your blog, then cut and paste them onto you site.. this is something I may try in the future if time permits.

And always remember to add tags to the bottom of your posts..
you can get the tag code at then it is just a matter of cutting and pasting into the HTML editor of your blogger account.

Until later, make tons.. and don't forget to start at the beginning of this blog and follow the suggestions to start making money online!

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