Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Before there were lips..

Before there were lips.. before Love Stank, and even before Paradise Garage.. there was Bob!

I hope you enjoy this little clip from the past..
On a seperate note.. doe sany one know where I can get an upload of Tim Curry doing Paradise Garage? The song woudl be fine, better would be the video! (And no I do not have Kazza or Napster.. trying to avoid them.. for some reason???) ANd I woudl prefer to have an :"embed" code to post it here.. just a thought./..


NixEclips said...

Damn! It's rare to run across Curry fans. I wish they'd release his shit on CD. It's getting harder and harder to track down the cassettes.

I'm sure I can track it down, if I feel like it.

They played the "I Do The Rock" video before Rocky Horror here in St. Lou, once. That was effing cool.

DelorumRex said...

AIn;t it fruckin cool! In FLA they played, That Dylan tune, Subteranian Homesick Blues #5 .. and then Love Stinks and then a Meatloaf thing, and then Paridise Garage.. and then there were lips.. and they were GOOD!

Fuck I miss those times!