Friday, February 24, 2006

Getting in Touch...

Getting in touch with my inner Chucky!
Ther ecomes a time in life when you just come to realize that you can't have every thing you want.
So your choices at that point are limited.. you can
a. cry like a baby
b. slash your wrists
c.Welcome the pain, become its master, subjegate it and make it kiss your azz, become the King of Pain!.. (the Delorum Rex)

How do you do this!?!!? some may ask.. the answer is simple.. embrace your inner Chucky!

Enjoy the evil within! Embrace it, allow the beautiful visions of burning hampsters to go running through your mind.. imagine kicking Lemmings off of the clif.. and grin a Chucky grin!

Do I enjy life when it is all roses.. sure.. I ain;t fuckin stupid here.. but the true master of life realizes that things will nto always go his way, and he welcomes life's little kicks in the nuts! Because he knows, that while life may take an occasional swat at you, only you can grab life, knock it down run up in it and make it not like girlies no more! (in a metaphorical way of course{what you really think I am that kind of whack job???})

SO today.. when life presents as a big shit sandwich.. do not turn up your nose? Take a big bite.. chwe it slowly savoring the aroma and taste, then spit the chewed up bread-poop paste you have just made into sombody deserving's eye!

Carpe' Delorum!
Concumbre de Mundi

... so tell us how you really feel...

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