Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Tammy NyP and other thoughts..

Seems that a 17 year old girl from SIngapore is all the rage in the bloggosphere for having an "very amature" sex video uploded and emaield by a jealous "friend" .. who "found" it on her cell phone (Tammy's not the friends)

I get the feeling that a lot of the hype, is self perpetuating, in that in order to get noticed at places like Technocrati, people are writing about it..
and sure there is the sex sells angle.. for once i can say that I am not hit trolling.. when I write about a Technorati #1.

I am writing, because I find it moderatly disturbing, that this is a numebr one.. lets face facts, she was only 17.. sure hte age of concent is a little lower thant hat here in this state, and maybe where you are it is too. But 17?!?! that's just a kid really.

And from what i have heard in talking with people who have seen it, it is very choppy and very poor quality..
Do not get me wrong, I can see where this could draw attention, but really it is just a tragic story of betrayal.. not much else.
Places you will not find the Tammy Video..
Google Videos

So lets all coem together and make somthign a little more important number one again? Shall we?
Why don't we all go back to Technorati and search for Bruna Bianco again?
Or Able Danger?
or Brokeback Mountain?
or the Lincoln Assasination?
or Xaixue?
or 9/11?
or Bush?
or Cheney?
or that poor guy Cheney shot in the face?
or the air speed velocity of a swallow?
or Nixeclips?
or Delorumrex?
Or Swifty?

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NixEclips said...

Well, March 4th or 5th marks the re-launch of the website I'll be reviewing for, so we can Tech the shit out of it when that happens.

Nix says: We gotta go head to head, again. My Darkness Falls review was one that got me this gig. Thanks!