Thursday, February 23, 2006

Rare form baby!

Alright so I been in rare form all day.. (but so far I have yet to kick a puppy.. note to self.. stop by shelter on way home)
So what have I been up to you may be asking.. none of your damn business..
But besides that.. I been looking at motorcycles!
YEp.. and Japaneese ones at that..
You see being a long haired anglo I am supposed to only want american steel between my legs.. well, after looking at the line up from HD adn comparing it to the others on the market.. I may have already decided to go with a rice burner..

No I ain;t talking about a crotch rocket.. as that would really be "not my style".. but rather this bike.. check out the RoadStar.. biotches! 113 Cubic inches of fun!
Sure for the money I could get a smaller HD.. but why??

Okay second option.. a Custom.. for the price of an HD off the showroom, I can buy a custom.. with a big old v twin and PIPES that wake the frickin dead.. there are some really good custom shops here in this little shithole city.. so it is not an option I am ruling out..
In March (I think.. ) there is the annual bike show here, and all of the custom shops as well as regual retailer show their wares.. last year, there was one bike the builder called almond joy.. I wish I had a picture.. the fuckin thing was long and low with a great rake, and had my name all over it.. for $22,000 (ape hangers included) I should'a done it then.. but who knows what this year will bring?

Only draw backs.. you gotta wear a helmet here.. (makes identfying hte body easier I guess) and I gotta get a motorcycle license.. like i got time to wait around at the sec of states office, and have a want to pay them assholes $150 to watch me ride in little circles.. but I suppose I gotta do it.. I just hate having to pay the state for the "privelidge" to ride a fuckin bike..

ALl in all the word De'jur is FTW!

And remember.. I don' wan' a pickle.. just wanna ride on my motor-cycle..

Yabbos, yabbos! Here's to your fuck!

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