Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The word of the day...

The word of the day (aka Word De'Jur, Vocabulum Diem) is "fuck".

Have you ever done something, unwittingly that when you realized what it was you actually did.. all you could do is say "fuck!"?

Well I am having one of those days.. It seems that English has become my second language today.. (not like you could not already tell that from my typing) But today, I know what I want to say, I know what I think I said, and then when I hear back from the person I am talking with.. I realize that what I said was not what I meant.. FUCK!

It would not be bad, if for example I was trying to get somone to go to dinner with me to have Pie and Chips, and instead they thought I wanted a Geiko quote.. no we're not talking little Fopah (spelling is shit.. but fuck it I don;t want to take the time to look it up)
We're talking major miscomuncation.. like Cheney seeing bird and shooting friend in face kinda fuck up.. I imagine that all cheney said after shooting his pal int he face.. was "fuck!" I am having one of those days.. so whatever you do do not go quail hunting with me today..

But it could be worse.. at least some sniveling little snot did not steal my phone and upload sex films of me.. to the www .. Tammy NYU I feel for ya babe!

But with luck I will recover.. faster than Cheney's buddie.. and faster than that poor boy in the Tammy NYU video.. you know you can go to jial for that in Singapore?? I thought the states had all sorts of sexual represion going on.. at least here if you get laid (and both are consenting and over {in most states} 17).. nobody goes to Jail! I bet when he saw his face on that Video all he could say was.. "FUCK!"

DOn;t get me wrong (slim chance of that happening today huh?) Iain;t complaining.. I make good money, doing somthingI like,, I got a hell of a dog and a nice house.. and a car that will go 0-60 in 3.9! And tops out at a fuel pump regulated 168! (Yes I did have it going 160 once.. I just had to see if it woudl do it.. and it did easily!!! FUCK was a word I said that day too.. but in that realllllly good sort of way.. you know the deep one that comes from the bottom of your chest.. and sounds like.. ohhhhhh fuuuuuck! :)

Okay so enough about the F word for the day.. if you want to learn all about the F word and it;s many uses, try this.. Fuck

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