Friday, February 24, 2006

HEY rememebr this movie.. no it ain't Tammy..

I think I will spend the rest of this weekend talkign abou somthing other than teh Tammy NYP movie from a cell phone download xxx singapore slut (and any other keywords I can think of that may drive an additional 600 hits this hour to my blog.. now who's the slut?)
and lets talk about another movie.. that had sex as a theme, that made the bloggosphere go all a blaze.. that I have even downloaded parodies of from youtube.. (thanks for the net 200 hits)
Yes "The most important move so far this year.. " (no not tammy NYP you perv!)

Yes you can pre-order your Brokeback mountian..
Or if you are like me watch this and skip the homos

this still kills me..

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