Thursday, March 16, 2006

American Idol notes from a viewer..

I did not see American Idol last night.. YES!!!
Instead I was up in my room sleeping like a little babe when the results were announced.. what bliss.

I got a full report this morning however.. no real suprises in who was sent home.. but the fact that Ace that cute little homo was up there, really was a shocker (well to the person that reviews the show for me.. )

I saw Ace's performance on Tuesday, and thought he did an okay job.. better than the majority anyway.
Stevie Wonder is a tough dude to sing.. so I was not shocked that most of the singers really sucked chef's salty chocolate balls.. but I did think Ace was okay (I said that didn;t I?) Maybe I am turning Brokeback? NAH!

Well I am running short of time, so I will cut to the chase here.. Ace as one of the bottom , smells of set up! I think they only wanted to add some suprise factor to the results.. and if Ace was not sent home, what;s the harm.. AI has been known to do things "Accidentaly" to drive ratings up.. fuck I am suprised that they do not mention Tammy NYP on their website.. maybe they do.. fuckin whores!

So I think Ace is safe for now, he will get sent packing, before we get to the Kelly Pickler ? Chris (the bald guy) showdown, but not for at least 6 more weeks.

So vote early vote often.. and if your lucky Simon Cowel won;t come to your blog and review you.
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