Monday, March 13, 2006

Put yor willies away! Welcometowallyworld is free (not 100% Tammy NYP free, but free none the less)

Yes friends technorati adn all the ig chief muckety-mucks at technorati came together and surrendered, by putting back into circulation.. I can only contribute this to the millions of you who walked with a free willie for the cause.
Thank you , thank you, thank you.. you may now put the little president away.

Of course would not be complete withouth the satire, sarcasm, comedy adn all the tammy you've come to expect from that poor lost aussie.. so go give him a visit.. and support him in his decision to keep click-whoring by using tammynyp in every post (just like I am doing)

Speaking of click whoring, can anyone tell me what in the hell the top search at technorati is? Bukit Batok Video? What in god's name is that? I can only find two posts that reference it.. o is technorati being bombarded by yet another unknown phenom.. ala Bruna Bianco?
(For the record top search right now is "Sopranos" and we all know what Sopranos are.. (men with no nuts.)

Speaking of men and nuts.. has anyone seen NixEclips' last post.. looks like he is all hyped up abut the success of a 100% Tammy NYP zone.. and full of reviews where of movies where there were no nyp tammy sucking big long schlong.. but plenty of gatuitous sex and violence.. yea sex and violence!

So that's today's report from the heartland.. all in all a good day to kill time..
here's a litle somthing to help you pass the time..
(insert retro video here..

extra tongue please)

Okay now here is somthign for your easy listening sensabilities

cool tune...