Thursday, March 16, 2006

Gettin' all up in Reena Tan's Pink.. (project pink)

For the record, this chick is ten times as do-able as Tammy , Tami, Tamy, NYP, NYU (whatever)

Go ahead get all up in her pink (Project pinK)

Things I wish I had tagged here..





Project Pink

Reena Tan

Butik Batok Video

Issiac Hayes sucks my salty chocolate balls.

For all you real video needs, go see you will get more gratitous sex and violence than any bunch of horny old voyures can stand!

Remember Sunday is review day at so be sure to go.. or sit there and suck snot for all I care.

IS Wally still Free? After much Technorati wrangling (more than in Brokeback Mountain .. gitty up little buckaroo!) was free and easy again.. kinda like my sack in a loose fitting pair of jenes.. (yes, I go commando)

When will the click whoring stop with Tammy NYP? I am so tempted to just let her drop as so much old news print, but damnit! I still get a few hundred hits a day from people that are so far behind the times that they are still looking for that little tart. It may be until somthing even more astonishing than Tammy swallowing a sword comes along, that she is still the hot topic.. you know if I coudl get the entire bloggosphere talking about me , just for suckin a dick on camera, I may have ot go brokeback for a day. (NAH!)

SO here is my plan.. I want everyone within the sound of my voice, to go our tinto the bloggosphere and leave a post on somone's blog that reads.

"I have seen the next scandal that will get everyone talking. Someone I know, a dude named DeLorum Rex has a video of him and about 7 girls from Singapore doing it! They were doing it in what looks like a taxi or rather taxis as he toured the city. It is disgusting what he made those poor girls do to him. He should be cained. I even heard that he is threatening the girls , that he will post all of the videos on the web if they complain about it. So I am sure that he only wants to ruin their poor little lives. What an asshole this guy is!"

Or somthing to that effect. Shit you can even add some crappy typing and spelling if you like.. but I tell you my little droogie woogs, if we do not take the inititive of driving tammy nyp from the conciousness of those who blog, we may have to keep whoring clicks with her name for months to come. Or at least until some underaged Malaysian slut takes one for the team.

So your mission now is to besmerch my good name for the betterment of all mankind!


Elvina aka LaoNiang said... are NUTS my friend! You have to get a grip of yourself! Get her outta your mind!

But somehow I wonder, she's really enduring news. Few hundred clicks a day cos you tagged her? amazing...........

i guess you found the winning formula.

Would love to spread your good name ard, but u would have to shoot a video first with the 7 victims. that would really make front page... :P

welcome to wallyworld said...

The new Tammy is ....Pavlina! Check her out.

Anonymous said...

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