Friday, March 17, 2006

Happy St Patrick's Day and Good bye Tammy NYP

Happy St. Pat's everyone.. where we're all a little IRish.. tonight I plan to drink Guinness and paly a little poker in honor of the ol Saint. Well the drinking will be in honor of, the gambling will be to pay for the beer.

THis may be my final Tammy Tami, Tamy, NYP, NYU, Video Phone, Videophone, download singapore sex video post.. yes, I can tell all of your hearts are breaking!
But Tammy just don;t sell like she used to. (Not that tammy was selling anything on the video..)

I am down to a cool 100 hits a day for anything tammy now, and while I may be easy I ain;t that cheap.

So now it is up to us, yes you and me, the blogging community to come up with another super hot scandle to get our clicks up.. seems that somthign has to get up in order to bring clicks.. I woudl be willing to have my naked body posted all over the bloggosphere for the cause.. can I get any young volunteers to star with me.. (keep in mind, I am fat, bald and ugly.. so it may be best if you did nto tell your friends you were going to do this)

Do not forget to go to this weekend (Sunday) to read the latest B-Movie reviews.. and to give old Nixie a hard time.

and while you are at it.. I have it from a very good source that Wally has been getting pissed with some tart named Vallorie or Valirie or soem sch thing in the alps this week.. and I do not know if mrs Wally knows about it.. so go give him some shit to at


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