Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Isaac Hayes "Chef" quits Southpark.. what a douche!

Hey Chef!

I loved the Chef charictor.. and to leave SouthPark because they made fun of Scientology? What a fuckin weak excuse!

Scientology is a beliefe systemt hat is just BEGGING to be made fun of!
South Park has always been about pushing the edge, being cutting, and havinga bit of a bite.

Issac, you have been in more than one episode that made fun of a beliefe system, or made fun of women, or gays, or celebrities.. but they poke a littel fun at your system and you run away like a little girly man!
Well sir, I say to you.. "SUCK MY SALTY CHOCOLATE BALLS!"

Southpark will not be the same without you, but who gives a rip really.. it is the writing, adn the sophomoric sense of sarcasm adn humor that the writers bring that make the show.. not you.. hell I hope that they kill you off in the show.. and you go to hell and become L.Ron Hubbard's new sex slave! BIOTCH!

of course if you come back to the show.. all will be forgiven.. until then enjoy L. Ron's red hot poker of love.
but as long as we're on a south park kick, here are a few clips for readers other than Issac Hayes.
that douche.

Finaly a whole Scientology episode..


NixEclips said...

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DelorumRex said...

Well I do know this one girl that weighs a metric tonne.. does that count?

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