Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Best Chicken, beef or pork Soak (Marinade)

Best Chicken Soak (Marinade)

Okay read closely this goes pretty fast. Chicken , Beef and Even Pork can be soaked in this prior to frying of Grilling. I like grilling better, but I am a man it a grill has fire.. it’s a caveman thing.

For 4-6 pieces. Meat.. poultry, pork.. who cares it goes on a grill people!

Chop a good TBS of fresh garlic, or put a good batch of garlic powder in a plastic zip-lock style bag. (big enough for your chicken , meat, etc.)

Add black pepper to taste.. I like a little not too much..

Soy Sauce enough to cover the meat.

Soak for 1 – 2 hours. Then cook..
Eat.. yum.. questions?

(interesting twist) add 1 tsp wasabi, and 12 tsp pickled ginger (sushi style) to Beef or Pork, soak grill eat.. oh HELL YEA!

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