Sunday, September 04, 2005

"Hell is other people’s Spam".

Hello .. hello.. hello.. is there anybody in there???
Okay today.. is Sunday, I keel feeling like it is still Saturday, and I hate when that happens.
Today, I had a migraine headache.. I know it was a migraine because the stupid pills they give me for them worked.. and I felt like I was a character in "The House of Usher" for about 4 hours until I fond sleep and peace.
I got up just long enough to eat, read the spam comments posted here, and write this.
I really wonder if anyone is reading anyone’s blog, or if they are just using other people’s blogs to write spam promotions about their own site?
If you have happened to come here and plan only to leave a little spam, I put a curse on your house.. I hope your testes or ovaries shrivel and turn to useless dust. (so there.. sticking my tongue out towards you and waiving my private parts in your general direction)
I hate spam.. spam should be punishable by death..
Okay maybe not death.. maybe a life of reading spam.. that should be the punishment for it.. and I think it is one that we are all now suffering together.
I forget who said it.. I think it was Voltare.. "Hell is other people"… Let me be the first to say..
"Hell is other people’s Spam".

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