Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Conspiracy theory Alert! GW Jacks with Oil Prices!

Conspiracy theory Alert!

I loved this one, actually I took portions of a couple of different conspiracy theories and mashed them together to come up with this.

Hurricane Katrina was steered using chemical pollutants, sprayed from tanker planes (see contrails) it was steered up the gulf coast of Florida to insight a panic in the oil markets.

The fact that it nearly destroyed New Orleans is only an unhappy circumstance of a mush greater plan.

Not since the 70s has it been profitable for US oil wells in may parts of the land to pump oil. At $70 a barrel it is very profitable.

GW was elected with Oil money, as was his Father. A quick study of oil prices during Gulf War one and two tells the rest of that story.

Now that it looks like Iraq will not fall into utter civil war despite every attempt of “insurgents” something had to be done. That something was Hurricane Katrina!

Proofs: Russia offered to clean the air in Malaysia with a typhoon, this was recently done, and resulted in deaths in China. It was done by spraying a barium / silver compound into the high atmosphere using special nozzles in tanker planes. The US government has been experimenting for the last 25 years with weather control using the same methods, stolen from the Russians.

The high oil [prices are acts of fiction, proof? The president of Kuwait (Also president of OPEC) said in public, that he does not understand the high oil prices. There is plenty of supply, it is the refining capability of the US that is undersized. Oil should be $28.00 a barrel and gas $3.00 a gallon using any economics model that is accepted by main stream economists.

My fear is that another Oil Barron will be let into office, and I see no way around it with the current fixing of elections.
(Wow, heavy stuff huh? Well most of the above is fiction (in my opinion) but I will let you the reader do the research needed to come to your own conclusions)

Even I have a hard time not thinking “follow the money” when it comes to our modern oil crisis.

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