Wednesday, February 08, 2006

before you put all Muslims in the same basket..

Take a look here this young lady is extreamly well spoken, and intelligent. She is Muslim, she sees problems in what the rest of the world views as Muslims today.
Her name? Irshad Manji.

Ina short redio interview yesterday, I heard her put into words the very things that so many of my Muslim freidns have siad. She is perhpas more eloquent than most, and perhpas more outspoken than many, but she is right on the button, when it comes to how so many of todays young Muslims feel.

Before you judge I invite you to take an inside look at her, and her site.

She also has a book, which is available through amazon .com

It will be well worth your time, if you read it.. before you make a blanket judgement.

"let he who is without sin.. "

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